18 Sep 2014

The Detox Market & An Odacite Giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Talia from The Detox Market on a possible collaboration. Incase you didn't know The Detox Market is an online retailer for all things green beauty, but they also have two incredible stores in LA and Toronto (what I wouldn't give to visit!) for all you american babes to enjoy. 
I was very lucky to receive a little box in the post from The Detox Market packed full of products for me to try out including a full sized Odacite Pure Elements Serum! They had also just launched Josh Rosebrook's range and I got to try little samples of the cleanser (not pictured because I basically devoured that thing in 5 minutes straight - one of the loveliest cleansers I've ever tried! - and the Enzyme Exfoliator which was so fab for my sensitive skin)

I haven't been using the Odacite Papaya & Geranium Serum long enough yet to write a full review but I'm really really impressed! This serum is for hyperpigmentation (aka acne scars), helping even skin tone and resurface the skin thanks to papaya seed oil being rich in exfoliating enzymes.  I'm hoping for good things from this oil and that it will help kick my milia problem to the curb. My skin definitely does seem more even at the moment and is looking a little smoother with redness reduced.
I also received a little sample of the Black Cumin & Cajeput oil which was an instant hit with me and my blemishes. I will definitely be thinking of picking up the full size of this oil as it's the most affordable from the range and worked a treat to bring down the pain, swelling and redness of a spot I had on my chin overnight! I'm also keen to try the Camelina & Chamomile oil for sensitive skin and Jojoba & Lavender for clogged pores! 
The oils are only 5ml in size but I've had tester oils this size last me several months and I think they're very reasonably priced for pure, organic oils. You only need one or two drops pressed into skin morning and night as they're so concentrated and designed to be an intensive, month long treatment (though I think they probably last a little longer depending on how much you use). They even come with a code so you can trace where each oil in your bottle is from in the world, how cool! 

Now for the extra exciting part, an international giveaway! The Detox Market have ever so kindly offered one of my lucky readers an Odacite Pure Elements serum of their choice and an Odacite discovery kit too, so you can try more from this incredible range! This is definitely not to be missed! 
All you have to do to win in enter via the rafflecopter form below! make sure you complete the first two entries to unlock a couple of other easy ways to enter and win! :D

The giveaway is open for just over two week and the winner will be contacted via twitter, good luck!!

17 Sep 2014

Beauty Watch: Kypris & Ida.Kew

I discover new green beauty brands almost on a daily basis, mostly thanks to the instagram #greenbeauty hashtag, I check that thing daily because I'm obsessed. I have a growing list in my notebook for brands I've discovered recently so I don't forget, it's getting awfully long lately so I thought I would start a new little series on my blog highlighting one or two brands at a time so you can be introduced to some new & interesting natural beauty brands too!

First up we have IDA.KEW, a Turkish brand I discovered on instagram quite some time ago. A lot of their pictures are in turkish (I think?) so I don't have a clue what they're talking about when they pop up in my feed, but as a sucker for good packaging design I just had to check out their site which is luckily in English. IDA.KEW was founded by Selma Aydemir who is from a village at the base of Mount Ida. She studied in London & there discovered the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, where she learnt so much about the botanical world. After travelling the world IDA.KEW was born from the purest ingredients and scientific mixing methods. 
Everything in the range looks so lovely but I particularly love the sound of the relaxing body oil; it's a blend of nourishing oils such as sweet almond, sesame, grape seed and more, aswell as a dreamy essential oil blend of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, lemon and mandarin. It just has my name written all over it. 

Next up we have KYPRIS. This brand popped up from nowhere on my instagram feed a few weeks ago and now those gorgeous blue and red bottles are everywhere. With good reason though because what I can gather from everyones glowing reviews and my own infatuation (aka slight stalking) these serums are goooood. I took the little skin test on their site and got the all 3 serums and the Prismatic Array Elixir for sensitive skin, so spot on really! I wish all sites had forms you could fill in to help you pick suitable products from their range. 

I'm most drawn towards the Moonlight Catalyst and Clearing Serums. I don't have many (if any) exfoliating products in my routine at the moment and the Moonlight Catalyst sounds like a dream as it works to gently exfoliate your skin while you sleep and I bet it would be fantastic for milia! The clearing serum is another wonder I've read a lot about, and the description says its "Support skin’s inherent healing capabilities to minimize the appearance of irritations and blemishes." My main skin woe is flare ups of dermatitis and hormonal blemishes so I would love to know how this would work for me. 

Have you heard of or tried something for either of these brands?

15 Sep 2014


Blogging is an all singing, all dancing all consuming world. It's easy to get caught up in this world 24/7 and dare I say it... become a little obsessed.
I've been thinking recently a lot about blogging, what it means to me and this whole journey we're on, breaking media boundaries or something. Blogging is still a new form of media and we're making up the rules as we go along. Blogs are big business for some, like... mind bogglingly big business (how did they do that?!) and leading the way for the rest of us, some wanting a slice of that pie, some wanting just to blog about what they got up to yesterday, no grand scheme business plans on the mind, and thats all okay.

When I first discovered blogs properly, about 4 or 5 years ago, I totally became obsessed and followed hundreds and hundreds of blogs via google reader (RIP, friend). A lot of the blogs I read were american, crafty types, think A Beautiful Mess, but A Beautiful Mess before it became a million dollar blog/company. Just blogging to share, create and inspire. I loved it. It definitely inspired me to be more creative and helped a lot with the decision to pursue a creative degree.
When I plucked up the courage to start my own blog at the same time as starting university I realised what an awful lot of hard work it is to be creative and crafty and inspiring all. the. time. I couldn't think of anything to blog about that I thought would inspire anyone and the pressure and disappointment I felt was huge. Then obviously beauty blogging came along and gave me something to focus on that wasn't anything to do with my degree and I think that helped a lot! bam. instant refresh. followed by instant obsession again.

I've been obsessed for the past 3 years but I realise I'm not anymore. I think that's evident in the frequency of my posts. I read a lot less blogs than I used to, I've unfollowed a few and click "mark as read" while scrolling through bloglovin more than I care to admit. I haven't lost interest by any means, I'm still here blogging, I feel like the pressure is there again, the pressure to blog everyday, the pressure to be so professional and produce such high quality content it could rival a magazine. I do that daily for Nouvelle and my own blog on top of that would just be too much. I want to make sure my content here is just as high quality and I put a lot of effort into my posts that I can't spit them out everyday unless I get a surge of creativity (like right now) or am miraculously organised enough to get ahead of my little schedule.

What I'm trying to say is I've gained some perspective recently, blogging isn't the be all and end all of my life, but I love it so much, just not in a crazy stay-awake-till-3am-reading-all-the-blog-posts kind of way. Which is good. Some fresh perspective is all I need to get going again, build my own empire and become a millionaire. HAHA.

13 Sep 2014

More Organic Beauty.

Seeing as 99.9% of my beauty collection is a completely natural & organic zone now, it's pretty hard for me to narrow ANTHING down to highlight it for organic beauty week. To be honest I've just been a little overwhelmed with the whole thing and drawn a bit of a blank when it comes to posts for my blog. It's pretty much Organic Beauty Week every single week of the year over these parts, but I'm glad lots of other blogs are joining in to spread the love! We can sit round a fire afterwards and drink super green chia maca smoothies with herbal detox tea and raw brownies haha (I'd rather have the cooked gooey sugar loaded kind any day, sorry).

I mentioned in my last post lots of british, soil association certified brands, but there are other forms of certification out there for brands all around the world, and also a lot of smaller brands that use really beautiful organic ingredients but haven't been able to afford to be certified. I thought I would mention a few more brands and their products that are all natural and from a far distant exotic land that I one day wish to live in (america duh). It was hard to know where to begin so I selected the products that I have been using a lot this week..

First up we have 100% Pure and their new Under Eye Corrector* which I've been loving, & oh boy it is so good for those dark circles, the yellow completely neutralizes them yet is sheer enough to not leave you looking like a simpson, perfect. I am completely enamoured with 100% Pure and have fallen in love with quite a few of their products now with so many more on my wishlist! I'm so glad we can buy their products in the UK without having to worry about customs!
I completely ran out of any and all of my mineral makeup the other week and have had to go back to using the RMS 'Un' cover-up to hide my blemishes (it sounds like I'm being forced but promise I love it) it's a little too oily for my skin but it sets really nicely under powder and looks completely natural. I think if I ever run out I'll probably pick up the newly released paler shade, as ol' ghostie over here can always do with a slightly paler shade. I have a little growing stack of RMS products at the moment and they're definitely one of my fave makeup brands.
Another brand of luxe natural makeup is Kjaer Weis. Everything about their range sends me weak at the knees, it's the Chanel of green beauty I tell ya. I have an eyeshadow in the shade Blue Wonder, a shade I would normally never consider but I LOVE it. I've been using it as smudgey blue liner on my lid and very so slightly smudged underneath too, I'm rubbish with all eye makeup but I can just about do that ;)
If you're looking for the ultimate treat than Kjaer Weis is for you, their makeup is refillable too so once you've made the initial investment you can rest easy it wont cost you that much next time (unless you want another silver compact).

As for skincare I'm sure you've heard that Odacite recently launched their dreamy Pure Elements range in the UK this month, both at content and cult beauty! very swish. I've had a little travel set of theirs to test this month and it's quite lovely. Unfortunately the rest of their skincare isn't available here yet.. I don't know if it will but fingers crossed as the Rose & Neroli Toner and Beautiful Day Moisturiser are reaaaally nice. Really really nice.
Fig + Yarrow are available in a few places in the UK but are still difficult to get hold of as they're no longer stocked on Cult Beauty. I've always wanted to try their deodorant lotion so may have to order from the US! I've become obsessed with their scalp tonic* recently as my scalp is freaking out and has become so irritated and uncomfortable. This treatment is so soothing, I use it once a week but would prefer to have it on my scalp every minute of every day as there's no feeling of itching or pain when it's on. If only oily roots were a thing.

Have you heard of or tried something from these brands before?

9 Sep 2014

Organic Beauty Week

We're currently in the midst of Organic Beauty Week and my twitter and bloglovin timelines are going crazy for organic everything (if yours aren't then you need to follow some new green beauty bloggers!). Hosted by The Soil Association, Organic Beauty Week is about introducing you to better-for-you beauty, and making small changes to better our skin and more importantly; the environment, animals and people who grow the ingredients that go into our products.
The Soil Association is a charity that offers a recognised form of certification for beauty brands (as well as doing lots of other fab things for organic food and textiles) wishing to declare their products are certified organic. It isn't as simple as slapping a label on the box, Soil Association are extremely thorough in every step of the process from labelling to manufacturing and ingredient inspections. Their standards are based on high principles requiring the maximum amount of organic ingredients and minimum amount of synthetic ingredients. 
For the brands that choose to be certified by the Soil Association, they are making a huge commitment as it does cost them money to have this exclusive certification and they have to go through regular ingredient audits to check they are still maintaining high standards.

I wasn't sure if I had many soil association certified brands but it turns I do when getting up close and personal with the labels! 
Some of my favourites include Nourish, Herbfarmacy, Willow Organic Beauty, Neal's Yard Remedies and Therapi.  

Have you tried any of these brands? do you seek out organic beauty products?