21 Apr 2014

Glow Get 'Em

When it comes to beauty my favourite part to indulge in has to be using a facemask. I admit I don't do them often enough lately but my stash would lead you to believe I apply them daily (the dream). I was going to do a post on my collection but it was way too long and boring so now you get to enjoy two (or three) posts instead, lucky you! 

Today we're talking about the glow getters, the radiance inducing, skin peeling masks that make you a bit red but are oh so worth it come morning when you wake up with skin that looks renewed. I have used quite a number of masks like this but these four are what I have right now and are all pretty great (with three being multi-use, oooh-er!).

My favourite and newest addition is the One Love Organics Brand New Day (which I talked about in my last post), this is a powder that you mix with water to create an exfoliating paste which you can then leave on as a mask. I love powder formulas at the minute, they allow so much more customisation, you could mix this with yogurt or honey to get completely different benefits. This mask uses pineapple enzymes to polish away dead skin cells and leave a super smooth complexion. 

I actually find the Melvita Nectar Bright Exfoliating Mask* and the Balance Me Radiance Mask* very similar in terms of feel and performance, both are creamy masks with exfoliating granules added (though the Balance Me's are a little scrubbier) that you can either leave on as a mask or use as a quick exfoliator. The formulas are quite different where the Balance Me uses a mix of kaolin clay and fruit acids to work to decongest skin, the Melvita uses a blend of flower extracts known for their skin brightening properties and is quite nourishing. Both have subtle results but I think the Melvita is my favourite as I always feel so happy with my skin on days after I have used this.

Lastly we have the most potent of the bunch, the Elemental Herbology Facial Glow. I have a smaller size tube which I've had for ages now, it lasts a long time as you only need a little bit. We all know I'm a fan of Eherb and this mask is no different, it packs quite the punch though so I save if for emergency skin days and only leave it on for the recommended time and no longer or it gets a little tingly. There are an awful lot of fancy ingredients in this tube, I won't name them all but we have manuka honey, papaya, kombuchka, pomegranate and argan oil.. to name just a few. One for special occasions or if you're feeling particularly flush in the wallet department (the full size is £40!). 

What do you think of exfoliating masks and treatments?

18 Apr 2014

Loving Lately #30

Lately I have been loving my iPad and it's continuous form of distraction, Netflix in any shape or form, Ben & Jerry's S'mores flavour ice cream (which I can only get at the cinema for extortionate prices per scoop) and Strawberry Crunch Nakd bars.

Beauty wise I'm taking it easy, I'm feeling a little uninspired in the beauty (and blog) departments, because I'm so preoccupied elsewhere. However I still have to do my daily chores of washing my face and slapping a bit of makeup on my mug so here are some things I've been reaching for lately.. 
First up I was over the moon a few weeks ago when I won a little giveaway over on Ru's blog Short, Small & Sweet. The prize was a few One Love Organics goodies, a brand I have wanted to try for so long now! I've been loving the Brand New Day Scrub & Masque most of all, it makes my skin so soft and is unlike any exfoliator I have ever tried, it's a super fine powder, not gritty at all and doesn't hurt or feel harsh on the skin, I could honestly stand there massaging my face for hours it feels so wonderful.
Another skincare item I've been favouring is the 001 Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner*, I have acquired quite a few toners in the form of mists but this one, being pure lavender flower water is so soothing and calming, plus I just adore anything lavender scented and this is true lavender.

Even if I don't wear makeup I have an urge to line my waterline with blacker than black eyeliner, it's kinda my thing and I don't feel human without it, my current favourite is this Lily Lolo one, it's SO black and SOOO soft, plus it gets a good grip on my waterline and actually sticks around, a strong feat for miss watery eyes over here. I'm quite loyal to a good eyeliner so I'm sure this will be sticking around for a long time. Keeping with the general eye area theme we have a previously unmentioned product, tweezers. I'm the worlds worst eyebrow tamer, I just don't do it. A few weeks ago however I decided maybe I needed to up my game and purchase some proper tweezers, maybe they'll help me out. I used my boots points and came home with these cute Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers.. now I'm not saying I suddenly have amazingly neat brows (never gonna happen) but these really have made an improvement to my life (be it a very minimal one, we're talking about eyebrows people, not kittens).

What have you been loving lately??

15 Apr 2014

Lust List

A change of season brings new needs and wants, just like always... 

I could spend paragraph upon paragraph telling you in detail how I very much need every single one of these items but I'm sure you already get it, no explanation needed ;)

Though... one quick question for you to answer in the comments, which bag?!

14 Apr 2014

S5 Serums

Oh hello! forget about little old me? I was very busy last week preparing for and giving a presentation at uni (which typically I worked myself up over when really it wasn't that scary), I didn't mean to take such an extended break but I really needed it. I'm still too swamped to be posting regularly but I hope you can forgive me and stick around while I try and finish my degree! ha ;)

I've been meaning to do a little post on my collection of S5 Serums for quite awhile now but feared my blog was becoming some kind of homage so S5 and held off for a little bit. 
There are actually 5 serums in the S5 treatment range and I am only missing Renew, but a serum designed for wrinkles is not really necessary at my ripe old age of 22. I do however have Purity, Replenish, Illuminate and Calm. Unless you are extremely lucky to have perfect skin, targeted serums like this are so amazing as they allow me to treat all of the different skin issues that like to occupy my face all at once. If I'm suffering from a breakout then a light layer of the Purity Serum* with salicylic acid and plant extracts helps heal and soothe any spots, I can then layer on either the Illuminate Serum* during the day or the Replenish Serum* at night to help fade scars and nourish my skin. The only serum I do not get along with is Calm, it doesn't do what it says on the tin (for me, remember skincare is subjective and everyone is different) and left my skin feeling a little itchy and unhappy.

After much deliberation I have decided that Replenish is my favourite from the bunch, I've mentioned it before but it is a wonderfully light oil, it almost feels like water on the skin and leaves me with a softer, glowing complexion come morning. It's an amazing blend of sea buckthorn, pomegranate and rosehip oils that make magic here, all known for their abilities to hydrate, reduce inflammation and give your skin an antioxidant boost. Perfect for dehydrated and scarred skin. My second favourite is the Purity Serum, which my little bottle of is pretty much empty now. I wasn't too impressed with this at first, using it here and there without seeing any improvement in my blemishes, it wasn't until I stuck with it using it everyday that my skin really saw the benefits and blemishes were a thing of the past. I don't suffer from proper angry spots so much these days as I'm really working inside out to sort out this skin of mine, but if I am ever at my wits end a bottle of this will be purchased without hesitation. 

I have the 10ml sample sizes here which are amazing for trying out the serums and also they really do last you ages, I've linked to Content for the serums as this is where you can get them in their smaller sizes cheapest (£9), but also try Naturisimos sample section if they're out of stock.

Have you tried S5?

4 Apr 2014

It's all about Calendula.

My love for all things Calendula is well recorded on this blog. My discovery came in a time of need and it's miraculous help when nothing else had immediately cemented itself in my imaginary hall of fame for life. 

If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or any form of sensitive skin you need a bottle of this stuff in your stash. It's great for inflamed and itchy skin, applied on burns, acne, chapped skin, psoriasis and also perfect to use on babies delicate skin. Really it's a multi-use miracle worker. 
I have the Fushi Organic Calendula Oil  (100ml, £9.15) which is calendula petals that have been left to infuse in Sweet Almond Oil for four months. Sweet almond oil is an excellent carrier oil, it is light, easy to absorb and moisturising while the calendula provides all the wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits. 

I picked this up when I'd just discovered I had perioral dermatitis, after thinking it was a very persistant breakout for 6 months and treating it as such! I did as much research as possible, there are a lot of ways to help this kind of condition such as taking starflower oil and switching to a fluoride free toothpaste. Calendula was however something that I saw the most difference with in the shortest amount of time, applied sparingly morning and night those little flaky bumps began to diminish. They didn't full disappear but the area looked so much better in just a few days, and with a combined collection of products and methods to treat my skin it's finally back to normal now. I still suffer from monthly flare ups but I'm not at my wits end trying to deal with this anymore, thank you Calendula!
Seeing as this is such a large bottle I also use it on my body and if I had a bath I'd add it to the water.. but alas I do not. The oil is clear and doesn't smell of anything at all so you can still go and add all the nice smelling potions you want.
I also wanted to mention a few weeks ago I suffered my first reaction to a skincare product, my face was an itchy, blotchy mess within minutes and of course I freaked out! I immediately washed my face and applied a soothing mixture of Calendula Oil & my trusty Pai Combination Skin Cream, within 30 minutes the reaction was barely detectable, all redness had gone! Are you convinced yet??

Will you be trying some skin healing Calendula Oil?