24 Jul 2014

Latest In Beauty Summer Glow Box.

As soon as this beautiful Latest In Beauty box arrived this morning I was straight up taking pictures just so I could eat those two bars of chocolate, dedication to the chocolate cause right there (FYI - it was GOOD). 

Latest In Beauty (incase you didn't know) is a beauty box service with a difference, they don't offer subscriptions and instead off limited edition themed boxes that are packed full to the brim with beauty products and often other goodies too. They also have a "build your own" service where you can select samples (and often full sized products too) to build your own little box. I was lucky enough to be sent their most recent themed box, a collaboration with Hip & Healthy, their Summer Glow Box*. This box was right up my street as it's packed full of healthy, green beauty brands that I am oh so excited to try! 

The box contains over £100 worth of products and I have to guess there were several meetings on how to fit all of this into the box because it was all packed in like sardines! with not a spare gap anywhere. Just how I like a beauty box to be ;)
As I only received my box a few hours ago I haven't had a chance to test anything yet but I am pretty excited to get stuck in. The first thing that caught my eye was the massive box of Inner Me supplements, this is a full size, 1 month supply worth £30, double the price of the box! Even though this says its for 30+ and I'm only 22 I will probably give these a go as some omega 3 & probiotics never hurt anyone! There was also another pack of capsules, this time from Archeia, a brand I've never heard of. This is a beauty supplement and it looks really interesting so I'll be sure to give them a go too! The full size box retails for a whopping £67 but I can't find out how many capsules are in a box.. I'm guessing this strip is worth between £5 & £10 perhaps.. 

Onto beauty and we have a few new-to-me brands such as James Read & Nourish. I've wanted to try Nourish for absolutely ages now so I'm glad to be able to try something from them! The James Read Sleep Mask Tan sounds super interesting for ghost girl over here, but I can't find the ingredients anywhere online?! annoying. I was really happy to see the Melvita Rose Extraordinary water as I love their narcissus version & a Nailberry nail colour in Groseille, which is an close dupe for my fave nail shade ever.. Mavala Waikiki Orange! Score. 
There is also a Moa Balm, always handy, a Burt's Bee's Lip balm and a sample sized Green People SPF 15 Sun Lotion, perfect.
A couple of other extra's included (does this box ever end?!) two bars of ohso good for your chocolate, two sachets of Dragonfly Tea aaaand finally a £20 voucher to Salt Resort Wear.

All in all a fantabulous box that is definitely worth £16.95 dontcha' think?!

23 Jul 2014

Natural Mascara Edit

I’ve definitely caught the mascara bug lately, after spending years dismissing the stuff for causing me nothing but trouble (irritated, itchy eyes and smudges on my glasses) I’ve seen the light thanks to natural brands that don’t irritate my eyes! I still don’t wear the stuff everyday… nobody to impress and far too lazy, but I’m a bit obsessed with finding the best mascara for me. I want volume not length, and most certainly no spider lashes thank you. No smudges or flakes (sadly this is where natural brands start falling short BUT they are getting better!)

I’ve tried and loved the Green People Volumising Mascara but until I tried others I didn’t realise how tame it was, an incredibly natural looking mascara that gave the appearance of naturally good lashes without really looking like you’ve got anything on your lashes. 
I’ve since upgraded to the RMS Defining Mascara* which gives a bit more wow factor but does smudge easily in this weather. I would definitely be interested in trying the volume version though! 
I also have the B. Longer mascara which I opened especially for the photo above, I love fat bristle wands so even though it’s not natural (it is cruelty free) I’ll be giving this a little test to see how it fares. Similarly the Organic Glam Mascara* is one I need to test (bottom wand in the picture) and have had lying unopened for quite some time. The formula looks very wet so perhaps it does need to dry out a little bit first or else it will end up all over my face. I have read good reviews though! 

So that's my current lash stash, but seeing as mascara needs replacing so often it only seems right that I have a waiting list of other’s I’d like to try! Definitely the new release from W3LL People! Nothing but good reviews for that one and I already love the brand. I’m also really intrigued by the tarte mascara’s! Not 100% natural, but a lot better than others. We can now get tarte in the UK & they have the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara in stock however I’m hoping they expand the range soon to include more as the gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara sounds a little more up my street! Gentle and volumising (plus cute packaging, sold!). 

Have you tried any of the mascara’s I’ve mentioned?

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22 Jul 2014

S.W. Basics Toner

It has come to my attention that I've had this S.W. Basics Toner for months and months now, I don't even remember when I bought it but in all that time it's never made an appearance on my blog (at least I don't think so). 

The reason being that this simply didn't wow me.. in all honesty it was a bit "meh" for me. I expected incredible things as the ingredients are so simple and effective for treating problem skin, but for me this seemed to fall short. 
A few other things put me off too, firstly the smell, apple cider vinegar isn't the prettiest scent but the attempt to cover it with essential oils of sandalwood and clarysage made for quite a funny pong that I just couldn't get used to. That's just personal preference though and shouldn't put you off.
The next one is a bit of a biggie.. when I received my bottle (from A Beautiful World) I opened it up to reveal a seriously rusty lid. I probably should have sent an email to ABW about this as I was quite put off but for some reason I didn't and attempted to clean it as best as I could. The rust was all around the glass top and obviously the inside metal screw top too and after cleaning it, it just kept forming so I had to clean it regularly to stop rust getting into my toner! That packaging is sweet and I understand more ethical than plastic but not very well thought out, acidic ingredients shouldn't have a metal lid that can rust! 

I still have a little left in my bottle but I can't bring myself to use this anymore, so sad!

Have you ever been really disappointed with a beauty product?

20 Jul 2014

Scalp Remedy

You'll know these past two or so months I've been complaining (almost daily - what fun) of my scalp troubles... things were bad, real bad.

I tried everything to help, coconut oil, mushed up avocado (the worst experience of my life) lemon, tea tree, lavender... basically everything I could think of or anything Pinterest recommended. 
In the end I gave up with the treatments and stuck to keeping my scalp clean with good shampoo & conditioners. Luckily the 100% Pure Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Shampoo* entered my life and things started improve, it was a slow process and my scalp isn't completely back to normal yet but it is getting there. 
The 100% Pure shampoo is a funny 'un, it's basically liquid in the tube, which isn't the best for application as it pours out at an alarming rate and then has a jolly good time running down your arm and then down the drain! I've taken to putting it straight onto my scalp from the bottle to avoid waste as this stuff is good. It smells like tea tree and foams up like any ordinary SLS laden shampoo (though obviously there is none) and leaves my scalp feeling fresh as a daisy. I think sometimes scalp specific shampoos can leave a lot to be desired for the rest of your hair but this is a good egg and my hair is soft and shiny too. I also have the matching conditioner* which is dreamy but as I don't apply it to my scalp I don't see the point of mentioning it here. 

Last weekend on the fabulous #FieldTripTour in London I also picked up a coveted item off of my wishlist to aid my scalp healing process.. The John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum. I've wanted to try something from this brand for oh so long and was spoilt for choice but knew I would regret not picking up this particular bottle. This is a treatment serum for your scalp and helps relieve irritation, oily buildup and flakiness. It can also apparently aid hair growth and ease hair loss (but as I've only had it a week I have no idea on that one). What I do know is that this is like the biggest "ahhhh" feeling for your scalp, it's cooling and soothing and just feels amazing. The gel comes with a pipette and it's a bit of a farce to apply yourself but I just apply it to the worst areas and give my scalp a good massage. I want to say this has helped my scalp already after 3 uses but I don't want to seem to much of an eager beaver.. for now I just really love the cooling effect and will have to report back with a review... eventually. 

Do any of you suffer with scalp troubles and have any tricks up your sleeves?

17 Jul 2014


A few photo's from my graduation yesterday!! 

What now....?