27 Aug 2014

Home Lustin'

Since moving into our new flat a few weeks ago I've been trying really hard to make it feel cosy & homely with just what we had. The trouble is the lack of storage has been a real pain and there's still so much stuff that doesn't yet have a place. We could really do with another book case or a sideboard with cupboards to hide everything away. My main aim is to basically hide everything haha. I'd also love a TV stand that can hide all our DVD's and Michael's Xbox (wire central argh!) our current one is glass so I just feel like I'm staring at mess 24/7. 
We're going to be doing a little rearranging in a few weeks as my mum is bringing up my huge bowl chair (honestly I have no idea what to call it but it looks kinda like this) and we need to find a place for it, either in the bedroom where our wardrobe currently is, or downstairs where my bookcase is, so my whole little office area will need moving. I'm excited because it's so cosy to sit in and read and I haven't actually sat in it for years as it's been packed away. 

Besides furniture there's also a few other bits I'd like to add a more homely vibe. First off a rug, this one from H&M is nice, we all know I love stripes. It's cheap'n'cheerful & would maybe look nice in front of the sofa. Maybe. I've also always wanted a full length mirror but nothing too girly. This simple one from IKEA is nice and affordable and not too big. I don't actually need anymore bedding at all but the bedding above (not that you can tell) is a waffle texture & I just want it! I also don't need jars but those are so unique and would look great with some pasta in ;)

We have a huge windowsill and would really like to make one corner all cosy for sitting and reading by the window (it was Michaels idea and I love it) so we need lots of little cushions to lean on and we're hopefully going to pick up one of the faux sheepskin rugs from ikea to sit on or else you'll be slipping all over the place, they're only £10 and sooo soft and it will really complete the "comfy corner" vibe.
The cushions above are ALL from H&M Home. I really like the idea of mixing textures and patterns. The text one is the most expensive but also the one I want the most (typical) and would take centre stage in front of the rest. I think a mix of the glossy cushions and stripes would look nice or stripes and the velvet ones, too hard to choose.

What do you think?

24 Aug 2014

OMG Bath Time!

the bathory

I never really was much of a bath person, but being denied the choice of having a bath for the past 3 years really took it's toll.. sometimes you just want a relaxing bath, dammit! (I should explain I HAVE washed regularly - I've just not had a flat with a bath tub for the past 3 years ha!)
So you can imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when we moved & finally had a bath!! I immediatly hopped on amazon and ordered this massive bag of Dead Sea Salts for a bargain £4. I think next time I will try epsom salts or pink himalayan salts. I just want the saltiest bath possible.

I also finally have a use for my Burt's Bees Lemon Bath & Body Oil (it was a bit too thick for a body oil in my opinion) it smells GORGEOUS and makes the water silky and my skin so soft (though I think the salt helps a lot too) It's quite expensive for the small size, and I always feel like I use a lot per bath... but it's not actually going down too quickly so we'll see how that goes.

Lastly I have my newest bathing addition, a Soothe Bath Soak* from The Bathory. If you haven't heard of The Bathory yet (where have you been?) they let you invent your own bath soak, simply choose the base and add the essential oils of your choice for a totally custom bath! magic. I have only used my soak once & I used it with the addition of the dead sea salts and some lemon oil so I'm going to use it again all on it's own and report back with a full review (initial testings are inconclusive but some reports say the smell is "incredible" and skin is left feeling "amazing"... more to follow soon)

Are you team bath or shower? I have to say I'm sitting in both camps at the moment ;)

21 Aug 2014

A Few Thoughts On Greenwashing.

Before we begin I want to disclaim that I am no chemist, I have no training or experience in formulating beauty products and I am certainly no expert in anything beauty related. This is my personal blog and first and foremost my opinion. 

I know most of my readers aren't green beauty inclined but as a bunch of beauty junkies, a little bit of knowledge into the products you're using never hurt.. right? Greenwashing was a new-to-me term when I switched to the green side (join us on the dark side) and I still don't fully understand it all.
So what is greenwashing? according to good ol' wikipedia: "Greenwashing or "green sheen" is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organisation's products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly" 
Lets use an example... say Origins. Oh wow, look at that nice tree in their logo they must be a nice natural brand? and the nice wording they use "powered by nature" they couldn't possibly be telling us a big fat juicy lie.. could they?! Well if you're browsing their online site you'd never know the difference because there is nowhere that tells you the ingredients of the products, just lots of pretty pictures of oranges and cucumbers. You have to go elsewhere online, visit a counter or actually order something to find out what's in it, and then sadly you're going to be very disappointed when you find ingredients you can't even pronounce let alone know what they are. I think beautypedia sums up this brand pretty well (click read more on the description of the brand). So Origins are greenwashing unsuspecting customers (who aren't as clued up as you and I) by fooling them into thinking they're using kind to skin beauty products that contain natural ingredients. Not ingredients like "Tetradibutyl pentaerithrityl hydroxyhydrocinnamate"

There are a lot of brands that do this and I simply don't understand it at all. Instead of pretending to be natural and organic, why not just make products that are? It doesn't matter to me that some men in lab coats deemed some ingredients to be "safe" (probably after rigorously testing them on animals) ... so what if they are safe? why would I want to put chemicals on my skin to be absorbed into my body? why would I want to give my money to a company that supports barbaric acts of cruelty?
It's not just the one ingredient though, it's hundreds and hundreds of them that we are exposed to on a daily basis, from brushing your teeth, to washing your hair and skin, to applying mascara and doing the washing up. Everything contains chemicals, and it's this high level of exposure day in day out that leads to extremely damaging effects, who knows what what's going on in our bodies and what effect this could have on us in 10 or 20 years time. I'm pretty sure they used to think parabens were safe, but that's not the case anymore is it? and I'm sure it will soon be the same for many other chemical ingredients too. 

What's more brands that greenwash their products seriously damage the reputation of those that don't. As consumers begin to take claims like natural and organic with a pinch of salt, they will avoid the brands that genuinely are natural and genuinely do care about the ingredients they use simply because they don't want to fall for false claims again. 

A few brands/products I would consider greenwashed: Origins, Simple Skincare, The Body Shop, Aveeno, Boots Botanics, L'Oreal Ever Pure range (or whatever it's called), Aveda, bio-oil, Lush and any mainstream giant corporation that suddenly markets a range as "pure/natural" yeah sure it is. & loads more.. I can't possibly remember every brand out there!

If you would like to read a little more in depth about greenwashing then this easy to digest article from the Soil Association is a good start. So is this article from Be Beauty Smart, it names a lot of brands that I'm sure you're all familiar with.

What do you think of greenwashing? do you mind?

18 Aug 2014

Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion

For me, both my favourite and least favourite part of my skincare routine is cleansing. Favourite because taking off makeup, grime, sweat and whatever else of the day is so.. invigorating, I love feeling clean and I don't know about you but wearing makeup for 12 hours isn't the greatest feeling by the end of the day. I think of cleansing as washing my stress away for the day and prepping myself for an evening of relaxing and eventually sleep. 
It's also my least favourite because believe it or not I'm quite the lazy bones and sometimes I really have to gear myself up to actually get up and go and wash my face or get in the shower or whatever, it just seems like sooo much effort at the time, even though I know I'll feel so much better when it's over.

One of my favourite cleansers that I don't mention enough has to be the Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion. It's sort of crept up on me as a favourite and as you can see my tube is well loved and on its way to being all used up. I don't actually remember when I bought this as I've had it for so long now (not that long) I save it for travelling usually as it's ease of use and packaging make it ideal. 
It's one of those products that I really look forward to using, it smells great (like almonds and cake), feels greats and makes my skin look great. The formula is so simple, with as few ingredients as possible making it perfect for sensitive skin like mine. It's a really light textured cream that massages into skin easily to take away makeup and anything else, leaving skin super soft and calm. Like I said I usually save this for travelling as it's the only cleanser I need and I can use it morning and twice in the evening without issue. It doesn't leave any residue on the skin at all and is so light you can wash it away simply by splashing your face with water.

I definitely think everyone needs a tube of this stuff in the bathroom for emergencies, delicate skin days and lazy cleansing routines. I'm off to order a backup riiiight now... ;)

Water (Aqua), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Alcohol, Prunus Domestica Seed Oil, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid

14 Aug 2014

Photo An Hour.

I've wanted to do a photo-an-hour post for months and months but always either forgot or was having an all too UN exciting day for photographs! ;) But today is the day! Not to say that yesterday was all that exciting but we'll take what we can get, huh. 

7-8am(ish) - Woke up super early because it was so bright, but not complaining because SUN.

9am - Breakfast in a chipped bowl. I can never eat when I've just woken up, it makes me feel queasy.. anyone else?

10am - My tip of a desk required tidying before I could get to work.

11am - Time for MAKEUP

12pm - Working and oh hello look at my awesome glass from Ikea.

1pm- Time for mess making, photo taking and standing on the window sill hoping not to fall off.

2pm - Late lunch of beans on toast and this raspberry cream tart I made.. just mashed some frozen raspberries with cream and a bit of powdered sugar... yummmm!

3pm - Haha what is this photo... Saw the Addams Family was on TV so had that on in the background while I worked (may have watched more of this than actual working) ;)

9pm - Okay so we skipped quite a lot of hours there! oops... at 4 I was pottering about putting the washing away & stuff and also getting ready because when Michael got home at 5 we headed out for an evening of romance (not really) we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! I love a good Marvel film & this sure was a good 'un! Notice how it says 6:15 on our ticket, but the film didn't actually start until 6:45, my cinema pet peeve! so. many. Kevin. Bacon. adverts.

10pm - After sitting in the worlds most uncomfortable cinema chair for 3 hours I decided to have a little salty bath with some Burt's Bee's Lemon Oil. Aaaaand Relax.

11pm(ish) - Shuffled myself off to bed for some sweet dreams about guarding the galaxy with talking trees and chris pratt.