An #ArtyProject Update.

16 Apr 2015

It's time for an arty update! If you remember this post from a few weeks ago (if not - it's best to click through and have a super quick catch up!) I'm getting my creative juices flowing again by taking part in a blogger project called "the arty project" There were four of us when I wrote the post but now we have a bustling little group chat of 10! There is of course still time for you to join, you can join anytime you like, there aren't any rules... this is as relaxed as any blogger group could possibly be. We're all really nice, promise.

Etsy Wishing.

12 Apr 2015

I go through phases with Etsy, some months I browse daily and other times I won't log in or visit for long periods of time. Right now I'm pretty obsessed and find it a great place for creative inspiration and ideas for the home (especially as most of the beautiful homeware and furniture shops are never based in the UK... $89 dollars for shipping can really put a girl off  that beautiful lamp).
My favourites are always overflowing, but I've condensed it down to a few gems just for you...

Adventures In Healthy Eating. Part Two.

9 Apr 2015

After my first 'Adventures in Healthy Eating' post I've carried on documenting the food I make and eat in an effort to keep me on the straight and narrow.. ha! I'm still pretty useless remembering to take pictures but thought it was best to share the ones I do have before I completely forget.

A Little Update.

7 Apr 2015

Apologies for my unintentional hiatus, but as you can see (unless you're reading this in a subscription feed or within the bloglovin' app) I've had a refresh with a completely new blog design! Huzzah!

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