15 Apr 2014

Lust List

A change of season brings new needs and wants, just like always... 

I could spend paragraph upon paragraph telling you in detail how I very much need every single one of these items but I'm sure you already get it, no explanation needed ;)

Though... one quick question for you to answer in the comments, which bag?!

14 Apr 2014

S5 Serums

Oh hello! forget about little old me? I was very busy last week preparing for and giving a presentation at uni (which typically I worked myself up over when really it wasn't that scary), I didn't mean to take such an extended break but I really needed it. I'm still too swamped to be posting regularly but I hope you can forgive me and stick around while I try and finish my degree! ha ;)

I've been meaning to do a little post on my collection of S5 Serums for quite awhile now but feared my blog was becoming some kind of homage so S5 and held off for a little bit. 
There are actually 5 serums in the S5 treatment range and I am only missing Renew, but a serum designed for wrinkles is not really necessary at my ripe old age of 22. I do however have Purity, Replenish, Illuminate and Calm. Unless you are extremely lucky to have perfect skin, targeted serums like this are so amazing as they allow me to treat all of the different skin issues that like to occupy my face all at once. If I'm suffering from a breakout then a light layer of the Purity Serum* with salicylic acid and plant extracts helps heal and soothe any spots, I can then layer on either the Illuminate Serum* during the day or the Replenish Serum* at night to help fade scars and nourish my skin. The only serum I do not get along with is Calm, it doesn't do what it says on the tin (for me, remember skincare is subjective and everyone is different) and left my skin feeling a little itchy and unhappy.

After much deliberation I have decided that Replenish is my favourite from the bunch, I've mentioned it before but it is a wonderfully light oil, it almost feels like water on the skin and leaves me with a softer, glowing complexion come morning. It's an amazing blend of sea buckthorn, pomegranate and rosehip oils that make magic here, all known for their abilities to hydrate, reduce inflammation and give your skin an antioxidant boost. Perfect for dehydrated and scarred skin. My second favourite is the Purity Serum, which my little bottle of is pretty much empty now. I wasn't too impressed with this at first, using it here and there without seeing any improvement in my blemishes, it wasn't until I stuck with it using it everyday that my skin really saw the benefits and blemishes were a thing of the past. I don't suffer from proper angry spots so much these days as I'm really working inside out to sort out this skin of mine, but if I am ever at my wits end a bottle of this will be purchased without hesitation. 

I have the 10ml sample sizes here which are amazing for trying out the serums and also they really do last you ages, I've linked to Content for the serums as this is where you can get them in their smaller sizes cheapest (£9), but also try Naturisimos sample section if they're out of stock.

Have you tried S5?

4 Apr 2014

It's all about Calendula.

My love for all things Calendula is well recorded on this blog. My discovery came in a time of need and it's miraculous help when nothing else had immediately cemented itself in my imaginary hall of fame for life. 

If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or any form of sensitive skin you need a bottle of this stuff in your stash. It's great for inflamed and itchy skin, applied on burns, acne, chapped skin, psoriasis and also perfect to use on babies delicate skin. Really it's a multi-use miracle worker. 
I have the Fushi Organic Calendula Oil  (100ml, £9.15) which is calendula petals that have been left to infuse in Sweet Almond Oil for four months. Sweet almond oil is an excellent carrier oil, it is light, easy to absorb and moisturising while the calendula provides all the wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits. 

I picked this up when I'd just discovered I had perioral dermatitis, after thinking it was a very persistant breakout for 6 months and treating it as such! I did as much research as possible, there are a lot of ways to help this kind of condition such as taking starflower oil and switching to a fluoride free toothpaste. Calendula was however something that I saw the most difference with in the shortest amount of time, applied sparingly morning and night those little flaky bumps began to diminish. They didn't full disappear but the area looked so much better in just a few days, and with a combined collection of products and methods to treat my skin it's finally back to normal now. I still suffer from monthly flare ups but I'm not at my wits end trying to deal with this anymore, thank you Calendula!
Seeing as this is such a large bottle I also use it on my body and if I had a bath I'd add it to the water.. but alas I do not. The oil is clear and doesn't smell of anything at all so you can still go and add all the nice smelling potions you want.
I also wanted to mention a few weeks ago I suffered my first reaction to a skincare product, my face was an itchy, blotchy mess within minutes and of course I freaked out! I immediately washed my face and applied a soothing mixture of Calendula Oil & my trusty Pai Combination Skin Cream, within 30 minutes the reaction was barely detectable, all redness had gone! Are you convinced yet??

Will you be trying some skin healing Calendula Oil?

31 Mar 2014

Month in Review

I feel like every month is the same these days, I'm too busy, too stressed and just not feelin' it (and by it I mean life in general). I am very much ready for the next few months to whizz by in a ball of anxiety, stress, panic and whatever else decides to stop by as I attempt to make something of myself and finish my work. This whole degree show nonsense is not cool and I would rather take an exam anyday. Whoever thinks creative courses are easy needs a good slap, being creative every. single. day. is actually really hard work you know. I was really looking forward to the easter holidays coming up in a few weeks but i'm pretty sure most of it will be spent in the studio now! Though I am going to schedule in one or two days for pure sleep and netflix bliss, because what is life without netflix...

As usual here are a few instagrams that make everything seem a little prettier, thank god for filters. I made a cheeky little H&M home order this month as I just had to have that copper basket plus a few other little things, but who can resist when everything seems to be £2.99?? plus I love that you can use two discount codes at once! I had £5 off plus 25% discount making this lot less than £10, amazing! 
I've also been trying to eat well lately, I've made a lot of vegetable soups with rice noodles, tuna or salmon salads plus I'm a bit addicted to kiwi fruit and cherry tomatoes lately. The last image is some of my latest work... a 3D canvas sculpture/drawing thing, I'm not sure what it is but I love it and am currently making one that is 4 or 5 times the size to hopefully be the 'star of the show' in my final work (maybe, it's proving to be very difficult to work so big) It's making me miss good old pen and paper, as canvas that isn't mounted on a frame is such a huge pain to draw on! Hopefully it will all turn out okay as I've had a lot of compliments on people who are walking past my studio space to say they love my drawings! Now if only I could know that they would buy one off of me in the future ;)

No month in review post is complete without my blog sharing space.. even though I don't have much energy to keep up with my bloglovin feed these days there are a few blogs I always make time for.

Blogs to follow

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28 Mar 2014

Loving Lately #29

Lately everything has been dry, sahara desert dry. Lips, hands, cuticles, skin, everything is just dry! I'm not used to this, even though my skin has never really been oily it always leaned more that way in the grand scheme of things when choosing my skincare, but in the past couple of months things have been a'changing, and while my skin is still very sensitive and acne prone, it certainly isn't oily. The problem lies with my fussy skin, while the lighter moisturisers I usually pick are not hydrating enough anymore, my skin is still very much against shea butter and coconut oil based products, which leave me greasy and fighting milia left right and centre - ruling out a lot of richer creams I could turn to. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 

For now though I'm layering up my serums and using hydrating masks to get my moisture fix (while obviously upping my water intake too!). A serum I can't sing the praises of enough these past few weeks has been the Osmia Organics Active Gel Toner, it may be named a toner but this is actually a light gel that soothes and hydrates my skin before applying your moisturiser. I dampen my skin with a spray toner and apply this, it feels instantly cooling and I sometimes have to stop myself doing a little sigh of happiness. Incase you didn't know I have been lusting after Osmia Organics for the longest time now, I suffer from random flare ups of perioral dermatitis, and Osmia products have been magically handcrafted by Sarah Villafranco (Osmia Organics' founder) to treat and soothe my suffering as she developed the range to treat her own dermatitis. 
The Active Gel Toner contains aloe, calendula and white tea to soothe plus gotu kola to relieve irritation, rose of jericho to hydrate plus niacinamide (vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid. All in all it has done wonders for my dermatitis and I am over the moon. I ordered mine from the US as there are no stockists in the UK (yet) but I wouldn't recommend it as shipping plus custom charges made this rather expensive. I would definitely have to wait for a UK stockist to repurchase!

Another Osmia number I'm loving is their Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair, which I received as a little sample with my order. I'm not too keen on the scent but I can't deny that this is a wonderful lip balm for actually repairing your dry/cracked lips, it worked miracles on my sore lips so now I'm saving my little blob for some serious S.O.S situations. 

Next up two base products... firstly we have the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream. I heard so many people raving about this so I ordered this sample size from Naturisimo a good couple of months ago now and wasn't impressed as the coverage is beyond minimal. However when the sun started shining last week I was running around looking for SPF and came across this, it contains SPF 30 and after giving it a second chance I can see it evens out my skin tone a little and leaves a nice glowing finish. I have also been really getting into using my RMS Un Cover-up again this past week. I really need to get a move on and use this up as come summer I will have had it a whole year. Instead of using my finger to tap and blend I've started using my Real Techniques contour brush straight in the pot and blending into skin, I find it much easier to blend this way as the colour is usually just a little too yellow toned when applied thickly.

Lastly I have been taking care of those cuticles with my tiny bottle of CND Solar Oil. I'm terrible at looking after my hands and nails sometimes and the Solar Oil is always my saviour with just a few uses getting my nails back on track.

What have you been loving lately?