31 Aug 2014


Keeping it simple this month because I've been sticking to my routines, suffering from a dermatitis flare up (which is now under control) and also not really going anywhere to have any reason to put more makeup on than a bit of concealer and lip balm.

My first fave is more of a proud accomplishment. It's a lipgloss that I made myself, yep. I MADE IT. I reviewed the Silk + Honey Lipgloss Kit for Nouvelle (see here) and created a deep fuchsia shade of gloss for my first go and love it! i'm not really a gloss kind of gal but it makes a big difference when you've made it yourself ;) It was super messy though so I'll be waiting a little while before I crack out the kit and make a second shade!
The second makeup item is the W3LL People Narcissist Foundation & Concealer Stick. I bought this last month on my trip to London for the Field Trip Tour after wanting it for oh so long. It's like a big sister to my Vapour Illusionist Concealer, a little creamier and higher coverage. I have the palest shade and it's incredibly neutral toned and perfect, not too yellow or pink. I should have taken the lid off in the photo to show you, oops. I use it mainly as concealer as it's a little too creamy for my skin all over but I do apply it lightly every now and again. There honestly couldn't be a more prefect colour match for my skin, I think I need their mineral foundation now too.

Skincare wise I've been really enjoying using this Herbfarmacy Starweed Face Cream* as it's formulated for sensitive skins and amazingly doesn't have shea butter in like most face creams. We all know how extremely fussy I am with moisturisers, but it's only because I have extremely fussy skin! This is gentle, light and fuss free, just what I need. 

I have also been trying some little skincare samples* from Odacite the past week or two and their Pure Elements oils have totally blown me away. I have here two little sample vials of Black Cumin & Cajeput (for spots & acne) and Papaya & Geranium (for hyper pigmentation). I've been mixing them together or just applying separately them where I needed them and since introducing them my dermatitis completely calmed down (it didn't disappear but still impressive as the oils aren't really for that) and my skin is really improving slowly but surely. I only use a tiny amount which is why I can make them last but I do have a full size of the Papaya one ready to go when I'm done. I'm hoping that one is going to be the oil to finally help my milia as papaya contains enzymes to exfoliate the skin while still being a gentle, non-irritating oil. I will review these in full soon but in the meantime I'm totally eyeing up their Camelina & Chamomile element for sensitive skin, dreamy.

What have you been loving lately?

30 Aug 2014

The Bathory.

I mentioned this product a few days ago in my fittingly titled blog post "omg bath time", and promised to review once I had plunged into the tub with just this, and not the addition of all my other salts & potions altering my opinion.
And just for you guys, I did it. It was really tough, a proper challenge to sit blissed out in the tub for half an hour, really tough. 
The Bathory is a relatively new company that allows us to create custom bath soaks with just a few clicks. Pick your salt mix and essential oil blend and the magic elves at The Bathory HQ whip up your soak in record time, seriously. From ordering to delivery in less than 24 hours, I was seriously impressed (they do ship worldwide but I imagine it would take longer than 24 hours). 

For my soak I chose the "Soothe" blend, a mix of Epsom Salts, Oatmeal, Honey & Buttermilk. I'll be honest, I just really wanted a milky bath and that helped my decision greatly. I was very intrigued by the "Detox" option though, Epsom Salts & Rhassoul clay! I never thought of putting clay in bath water before but apparently this blend draws out toxins. 

You then go on to pick three essential oils and I chose Lavender, Lemon & Eucalyptus - dreamy huh? The smell was never overpowering, even when I stuck my nose in the jar, it's soft and calming and mixed with the scent of oats and milk. I would have liked it if you could choose all of one scent or double lavender and one lemon for example for a little more customisation, as I love love love lavender and would have happily had all three oil options be set as Lavender to blow my socks off (or maybe eucalyptus! mmm, great for if you have a cold).

Once my jar* of salts arrived (beautifully packaged in a brown bag and perfectly sized box may I add) I was a little taken aback by the small size of the jar as I hadn't noticed it's only a 200g jar for £18. However you can definitely make this last and get at least four or five baths from this. The label recommends 25% of the jar for a quick fix, 50% for full benefits or 100% of the jar for the best bath of your life.
I decided to really go for it and added just about half of the jar to my bath to really test it (I nearly wept pulling the plug). The water turned milky thanks to the buttermilk and silky feeling and the scent was very soft and soothing, not overwhelming at all and sadly didn't linger to make my bathroom smell delicious for hours after. My skin did feel SO soft though and I basically just melted into the water for a good 20 minutes before I realised I needed to get out before I fell asleep. 

All in all an amazing bath! I would love if The Bathory started offering refills for our jars, like I've noticed Therapie do with their salts. Either the same amount for a little less ££ or a little more product for the same amount of ££ (because you're not paying for the jar). 
I definitely want to try a detox blend next, and I think I'm going to have to buy some buttermilk powder for future baths too! 

Have you tried The Bathory? What blend would you pick?

29 Aug 2014

A Tiny Office Tour.

If I could go back in time a couple of weeks I would choose a different, bigger desk. There I said it. But please don't tell my boyfriend or my dad because we spent a good hour in the IKEA desk department and I may not live to write another blog post... 
I chose the tiniest little Ikea Micke desk thinking there wasn't going to be enough room, when I could have easily chose a desk a foot longer without cause for concern. Maybe even two feet if I was feeling daring. 
It's a really lovely little desk though, so that's okay. I'm pretty glad it has a drawer for all my notebooks and nail polishes, seriously that's all that's in there. I have my little copper basket filled with beauty products and candle for added decoration to make myself feel stylish *swish* and my absolute fave Sandra Dieckmann print on display because it makes me happy. I'm going to have to buy some more of her work asap because it's all amazing.
To the right there's my little wicker storage thingy-bob with lots of my beauty products in. I don't like keeping beauty stuff in the bathroom, it makes me cringe so I keep aaaaall of my makeup and skincare in this area, even if it is a pain to walk back and forth to the bathroom because I forgot my cleanser, or I then forgot my face cloth, I never said life was easy.

To the left I have those IKEA shelves that everyone owns. I got the medium sized because I originally wanted it led horizontally (may still move it) but changed my mind at the last minute when we put it up. I have a box in every other shelf to hide away all of my art supplies, sketchbooks, beauty stuff and loads of other stuff. They hold SO MUCH, it's incredible. They also do a good job of blocking the sun so I can actually see my laptop when I'm working, though I would prefer them the other way around I do still have to see what I'm doing. Such dilemma. 
My Macbook takes up 70% of the room on my desk but it's the light of my life so I wouldn't have it any other way. I like rearranging what's on display when I'm sat bored waiting for something to load or save (really need an external hard drive). I did have a second print by Alice Potter on display for a little while but I decided to have it elsewhere. I also burn my Flamingo Candle when the situation is dire as that zesty scent really keeps me going!

And here is a shot of what my desk usually looks like.. a tip. Stuff everywhere. Definitely should have got a bigger desk ;)

27 Aug 2014

Home Lustin'

Since moving into our new flat a few weeks ago I've been trying really hard to make it feel cosy & homely with just what we had. The trouble is the lack of storage has been a real pain and there's still so much stuff that doesn't yet have a place. We could really do with another book case or a sideboard with cupboards to hide everything away. My main aim is to basically hide everything haha. I'd also love a TV stand that can hide all our DVD's and Michael's Xbox (wire central argh!) our current one is glass so I just feel like I'm staring at mess 24/7. 
We're going to be doing a little rearranging in a few weeks as my mum is bringing up my huge bowl chair (honestly I have no idea what to call it but it looks kinda like this) and we need to find a place for it, either in the bedroom where our wardrobe currently is, or downstairs where my bookcase is, so my whole little office area will need moving. I'm excited because it's so cosy to sit in and read and I haven't actually sat in it for years as it's been packed away. 

Besides furniture there's also a few other bits I'd like to add a more homely vibe. First off a rug, this one from H&M is nice, we all know I love stripes. It's cheap'n'cheerful & would maybe look nice in front of the sofa. Maybe. I've also always wanted a full length mirror but nothing too girly. This simple one from IKEA is nice and affordable and not too big. I don't actually need anymore bedding at all but the bedding above (not that you can tell) is a waffle texture & I just want it! I also don't need jars but those are so unique and would look great with some pasta in ;)

We have a huge windowsill and would really like to make one corner all cosy for sitting and reading by the window (it was Michaels idea and I love it) so we need lots of little cushions to lean on and we're hopefully going to pick up one of the faux sheepskin rugs from ikea to sit on or else you'll be slipping all over the place, they're only £10 and sooo soft and it will really complete the "comfy corner" vibe.
The cushions above are ALL from H&M Home. I really like the idea of mixing textures and patterns. The text one is the most expensive but also the one I want the most (typical) and would take centre stage in front of the rest. I think a mix of the glossy cushions and stripes would look nice or stripes and the velvet ones, too hard to choose.

What do you think?

24 Aug 2014

OMG Bath Time!

the bathory

I never really was much of a bath person, but being denied the choice of having a bath for the past 3 years really took it's toll.. sometimes you just want a relaxing bath, dammit! (I should explain I HAVE washed regularly - I've just not had a flat with a bath tub for the past 3 years ha!)
So you can imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when we moved & finally had a bath!! I immediatly hopped on amazon and ordered this massive bag of Dead Sea Salts for a bargain £4. I think next time I will try epsom salts or pink himalayan salts. I just want the saltiest bath possible.

I also finally have a use for my Burt's Bees Lemon Bath & Body Oil (it was a bit too thick for a body oil in my opinion) it smells GORGEOUS and makes the water silky and my skin so soft (though I think the salt helps a lot too) It's quite expensive for the small size, and I always feel like I use a lot per bath... but it's not actually going down too quickly so we'll see how that goes.

Lastly I have my newest bathing addition, a Soothe Bath Soak* from The Bathory. If you haven't heard of The Bathory yet (where have you been?) they let you invent your own bath soak, simply choose the base and add the essential oils of your choice for a totally custom bath! magic. I have only used my soak once & I used it with the addition of the dead sea salts and some lemon oil so I'm going to use it again all on it's own and report back with a full review (initial testings are inconclusive but some reports say the smell is "incredible" and skin is left feeling "amazing"... more to follow soon)

Are you team bath or shower? I have to say I'm sitting in both camps at the moment ;)