1 Oct 2014

Mood Board: October

October is my favourite month, it's my birthday month so obviously I'm a little biased (it's the 20th if you want to send me a card ;)) but it's also when autumn really starts to kick in, we can dig out the coats, wrap up warm and finally the wasps start to die off!! hate those horrible little devil creatures. 

I don't use pinterest as much as I should these days, but I was having a little browse a few days ago and it's so beautifully depressing. My hair will never look like that and my living room will never be pinterest, it's so sad but also so addicting, you just gotta keep on scrolling through all those beautiful images. 
I picked a few of my favourited for a cosy fall vibe, hopefully to inspire ya'll. Think bread, candles and cosy blankets, sounds perfect. 

I've tried to link to all the sources before pinterest, but some of them didn't exist anymore, sorry! x

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30 Sep 2014

Rivers Of London

"What would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the Fuzz"

Sorry, did someone say HP? I'm there. As you may have guessed from my last book review, soppy romance isn't my thing. I'm definitely a fan of the fantasy genre and being transported to another world through the pages of a good book.
My recent find has been the Rivers Of London series by Ben Aaronovitch, though I'm not sure the series has a name as a whole.. The PC Peter Grant stories perhaps? In the few days it's taken me to get around to writing this review where I was just going to talk about the first and second book, I'm almost done with #4, oops! I guess that's a sign that I'm onto a good 'un!

The story follows Peter, a regular PC Plod in London as he becomes Britain's first apprentice wizard in fifty years, following a strange encounter with a supernatural murder and a conversation with a ghost in Covent Garden. From there he joins a new, slightly secret branch of the metropolitan police which just doubled it's staff count from one, to two. 
Peter is thrown in at the deep end when these supernatural murders spiral out of control and an incredibly vengeful ghost is trying to destroy London. Knowing the absolute bare minimum of magic  possible, it's up to Peter to try and save face at the end of the day (plot pun, sort of funny, but also kind of tragic if you know what I mean)

There's river Gods & Goddesses, face melting villains, underground villages, jazz vampires and fireballs, all in modern day central London. I feel like I'm London when I'm reading this book as every detail really is there. It makes me happy inside as I'm quite the London Tourist, it's one of my favourite places to visit! 
I feel like I've read them all so quickly now that they've moulded together to become one huge book and I can't remember exactly what happens in which book or when. I know's theres plenty of Hogwarts references (and other geeky things) to keep me happy and Peter is a great character to see the story through his eyes, though I would love a chapter or two from Lesley or Nightingales POV! Or even the mysterious Molly.  

Book #5 is out in November and even though I'm not even done with book four yet I'm already excited! I love discovering a good series as there's always more to come and you get the chance to become really invested in those characters, there's even a bit of romance. 

Is fantasy your cup of tea?

25 Sep 2014

Lust List: September

Foundation: I'd been relying on diddy samples of mineral foundations for ages now and they recently all ran out. I really really miss the coverage and finish of a mineral foundation and find they work really well with my always fussy skin. I tried Lily Lolo, Jane Iredale & W3LL People and Jane Iredale stood out as my favourite as the shades were spot on and the pressed version was just so easy to use (though I really like the loose too) I'm the shade bisque which is pretty hard to find, luckily, as it's so expensive. I've also had a lot of recommendations from you for Inika, and I've read a lot of great things about it, the shade range isn't as good but it's a little cheaper and I'd be interested in seeing how it compares.

Toner: I use up toner more than any other skincare product and feel like I'm always coming to the end of one or another. I love toner! Bodhi & Birch recently released their Rosa Rosa skincare range and everyone I follow on twitter went mad for it, my feed was chock-full of the event images for days. I guess marketing works as I'm very intreguied, I don't think the moisturiser would be suitable for my skin but the hydrating toner, oh the toner! Damask Rose, Chamomile, Aloe, Witch Hazel & Orange Blossom? Dreamy.

Serums: Pai Skincare are releasing two new serums tomorrow, one for redness/sensitivity and one for blemish prone skin. I have both issues so I have no idea which I'd prefer but I just love Pai. I've only really tried their balancing moisturiser but I used the whole bottle up and would definitely buy it again should I run out of moisturiser. I just love that all their products are suitable for sensitive skin. As you also know I'm smitten with Odacite at the moment and am really really lusting after another of their serums, the Black Cumin + Cajeput one! 

Boots: I definitely need a new pair of winter boots and I'm pretty fussy when it comes to shoes, I'd like a tan or brown pair of flat boots, cosy and preferably fur lined as nobody likes cold toes. The ones above are Topshop, but I fear they'd make my feet look a lot bigger than they are and my skinny ankles would look strange if they were too wide. I'll have to see if they have them in store next time im in town. I also really like these Blowfish boots, I've had a similar pair before that I wore to the point the soles practically fell off. I wear them with the fur turned up, not folded over in the picture so they look a lot nicer, they're about £20 more expensive since I bought mine 3 years ago now though, yikes! 

Coat: The colour of the coat!!! I bought a very similar one last year in the topshop sale but it was way too big so I had to return it (though I've found one a smaller size on ebay so am crossing my fingers!) This River Island number is purposefully oversized so would drown me but its fluffy and looks oh so cosy. I just can't get over that colour! hoping my ebay bidding pulls off for once ;)

What are you lusting for?

23 Sep 2014

Another roundup...

I just really like sharing the posts I write on Nouvelle Daily with you guys, so sorry for yet another roundup. I'm proud, okay? ;) I have a lot more posts than usual to share as I've upped my game lately.. I even had to miss a few out as I felt the pictures were too big ha! 
It was Organic Beauty Week this month so I had a few special posts go up during the week introducing people to new brands, ingredients and places to shop organic! I *think* it went down well, who knows. 


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Recipe: Nectarine Eton Mess // DIY Distressed Jeans
What We're Watching // Recipe: Crispy Lemon Chicken & Sweet Pea Salad. 

Do you read Nouvelle Daily?

18 Sep 2014

The Detox Market & An Odacite Giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Talia from The Detox Market on a possible collaboration. Incase you didn't know The Detox Market is an online retailer for all things green beauty, but they also have two incredible stores in LA and Toronto (what I wouldn't give to visit!) for all you american babes to enjoy. 
I was very lucky to receive a little box in the post from The Detox Market packed full of products for me to try out including a full sized Odacite Pure Elements Serum! They had also just launched Josh Rosebrook's range and I got to try little samples of the cleanser (not pictured because I basically devoured that thing in 5 minutes straight - one of the loveliest cleansers I've ever tried! - and the Enzyme Exfoliator which was so fab for my sensitive skin)

I haven't been using the Odacite Papaya & Geranium Serum long enough yet to write a full review but I'm really really impressed! This serum is for hyperpigmentation (aka acne scars), helping even skin tone and resurface the skin thanks to papaya seed oil being rich in exfoliating enzymes.  I'm hoping for good things from this oil and that it will help kick my milia problem to the curb. My skin definitely does seem more even at the moment and is looking a little smoother with redness reduced.
I also received a little sample of the Black Cumin & Cajeput oil which was an instant hit with me and my blemishes. I will definitely be thinking of picking up the full size of this oil as it's the most affordable from the range and worked a treat to bring down the pain, swelling and redness of a spot I had on my chin overnight! I'm also keen to try the Camelina & Chamomile oil for sensitive skin and Jojoba & Lavender for clogged pores! 
The oils are only 5ml in size but I've had tester oils this size last me several months and I think they're very reasonably priced for pure, organic oils. You only need one or two drops pressed into skin morning and night as they're so concentrated and designed to be an intensive, month long treatment (though I think they probably last a little longer depending on how much you use). They even come with a code so you can trace where each oil in your bottle is from in the world, how cool! 

Now for the extra exciting part, an international giveaway! The Detox Market have ever so kindly offered one of my lucky readers an Odacite Pure Elements serum of their choice and an Odacite discovery kit too, so you can try more from this incredible range! This is definitely not to be missed! 
All you have to do to win in enter via the rafflecopter form below! make sure you complete the first two entries to unlock a couple of other easy ways to enter and win! :D

The giveaway is open for just over two week and the winner will be contacted via twitter, good luck!!