30 Oct 2014

Autumn Is For Candles.

Once it's pitch black by 6pm it only seems right to light a few (read: as many as humanly possible) candles, it makes the depressing reality that winter is coming a little easier.
There's something about that little yellow flame that is instantly homely, cosy and comforting, don't you think?

I was recently surprised by a little parcel from Flamingo Candles in the form of their Cinnamon Appleberry Halloween candle*, which, as your would expect is part of their halloween collection. I absolutely adore Flamingo Candles, they use soy wax and last an impressive amount of time, 50 hours for their classic jars (£12). They always invent the most unique, delicious sounding scents and Cinnamon Appleberry is no exception. The moment I took the lid off I was hit with a strong fruity sweets smell, it was exactly like opening a big bag of gummy bears or something, but after I got the scent of cinnamon coming though, adding a spicy, warming undertone.
The scent reminds me of christmas more than halloween & I'll have no trouble burning this through the winter months as it smells amazing. The scent throw isn't as strong as my mojito flamingo candle but I don't mind as it's not overwhelming and makes me feel all cosy. It's one of those candles that you like to stick your nose in when it's not lit to get a whiff of that delish smell.

I've been burning this with a vanilla scented candle at the same time and the scent they create is amazing, cinnamon, vanilla and fruity berries, what's not to love?
My vanilla candle is one I picked up from TKmaxx during the summer, simply because the jar was too cute, it was about £3 and has lasted hours and hours so far with plenty left to burn. The vanilla is a classic artificial type of scent but it's really strong, sometimes too strong, I can smell it on the other side of the room even when it's not lit. Regardless, it was a bargain and will make great storage once it's done!

Are you a candle person? ;)

24 Oct 2014

Five Faves Friday #2

Time for my second batch of Friday favourites! Despite it being my birthday this week (23, sob!) I haven't been anywhere all that exciting as the weather has been awful here! so, so miserable. 

First, non-beauty related we have (in that little white packet that you can barely see) salt & vinegar nuts. I know, weird, but I've been scoffing them like crazy. I hate S&V crisps but there's something about these! The little packet above is peanuts and almonds from my graze box but I also buy them in bags from the supermarket (M&S do the best ones though)... It has to be better than chocolate biscuits... right?! 
I've also been taking my spirulina tablets religiously the past two weeks and I really feel like they make a difference in my skin and also make a big difference in my sugar cravings. I've been taking two first thing in the morning with some water (they don't taste of anything really) and then two more at tea time if I remember (or am about to eat something very unhealthy haha) I've had a big box of cadbury heroes right by the sofa all week and haven't opened it once! Victory. 

Beauty wise my absolute fave from the past three weeks has been the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil. The wonderful & totally amazing Lilly surprised me with this and there are honestly not enough heart eyed emoji's in the world. The rumours are true guys, it smells AMAZING. Like pineapple cube sweets. It's also a pretty lovely cleansing oil, emusifying with water and rinsing away completely clean. I'm having to watch my usage now because I'm already 1/3rd of the way through and us UK ladies have to wait until the new year for the ED4OLO range *weeps*

I've also been going back to basics this week and using very little on my skin. It wasn't behaving at all and the moment I started using Kahina Argan Oil* again is literally breathed a sigh of relief and returned to it's semi normal state. I only have a very tiny amount of this oil left now and a repurchase is without a doubt going to happen. Unfortunately you can't buy this 30ml size on it's own here in the UK, it's available in a set which is rather expensive though good value for what you get. Naturisimo also have an offer at the moment where you get a free 30ml Argan Oil with any Kahina purchase, so perhaps that's an option (I'm thinking their toning mist?). The other option is ordering from Amazingy, a german green beauty retailer who stock the 30ml oil on it's own (£28 plus about £4 shipping). So many options, what would you do?

Lastly I've been using the 100% Pure Tinted Moisturiser* just to even out my complexion during the day so I don't have a shock when I look in the mirror hahaha! The coverage is very light but it makes a difference and makes me feel a little more put together, if I'm heading out a little concealer over my scars and some eyeliner and I'm good to go!

23 Oct 2014

Beauty Watch: Little Alchemist & Red Apple Lipstick

This month I'm bringing you another Beauty Watch because boy oh boy my list of new and exciting brands to share with you all grows daily. 

This month I've been perusing and fawning over The Little Alchemist, an Australian natural skincare brand. From their killer packaging (honestly good design is the key to my heart most days, that and a good pasta dish) to the unique products. All of The Little Alchemist's range prides itself in containing highly potent and concentrated natural active ingredients that work wonders on our skin. 
I'm having a hard time choosing between the Papaya, Geranium & Lime Cleansing Milk or the Wild Apple & Mint Gel Cleanser. I prefer a gel texture but the papaya number contains my favourite soothing calendula and lots of other scrummy ingredients!
I also love the sound of their two toners, I'm a toner addict and would happily use both up in double quick time. I bet the Wild Apple & Mint Balancing Mist smells amazing. 
Lastly their selection of perfumes sound dreamy. Passionfruit & Lime?!! I dribbled a bit. "Notes: Juciy Lime, Passionfruit & Mango, creamy Sandalwood, Coconut" Yep, sold.

Next up is a brand I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with if your follow a few green beauty blogs, Red Apple Lipstick. Surprisingly I felt like I knew a lot about the range from reading blogs but had never been on their site! weird. Red Apple Lipstick create natural, gluten free lippies and other makeup bits, if you are coeliac then these lipsticks are your new best friend. 
The choice is AMAZING too, so many gorgeous colours. Seen above is Coral Crush which I love the look of. I also love that all the lipsticks are swatched on the website, on several different skin tones so you can see how they really look. 
I'm also crushin' on Petal Pusher; a bright purple pink, Oh My Guava; a pinky nude and Reddy or Not; a bright red pink.

Have you discovered any new brands this month?

20 Oct 2014

CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture.

I was literally giddy with excitement when CV Skinlabs launched into the UK a few weeks ago on Cos Natural. They're a brand I've heard so much about, especially from the lovely Britanie. My skin is on the sensitive side and is easily irritated by harsh products so of course a brand designed specifically for healing, treating and soothing sensitive, dry, irritated skin captures my attention. The range consists of four products, the Calming Moisture, Restorative Skin Balm, Rescue & Relief Spray and Body Repair Lotion. When I got the opportunity to review the Calming Moisture I was kiiind of excited though I wasn't sure what to expect.

The Calming Moisture is a light, soothing moisturiser for your face, neck and scalp. It gives instant relief if your skin is sore, dry or in anyway unhappy. I was worried this would be a really thick, rich moisturiser but was pleasantly surprised (and so relieved) to discover it is light and has quite a thin texture. I still do find it too moisturising to use it during the day - even with mineral foundation on top which usually sucks moisture like a sponge - but my skin isn't dry at the moment. I suspect it will be a great day moisturiser when winter arrives.
Instead I've been using this at night, sometimes on its own after toning as it really is nourishing enough, or mixed with a drop or two of whatever facial oil I'm using that night (usually the pacific face oil or kahina argan). It sinks in rather slowly and if I apply too much I'm left a little greasy but again its been crazy warm these past few weeks and I suspect it will be a different story soon.

My favourite way to use this, and when I see the best results, is when I use it after a deep cleansing clay mask, something like the May Lindstrom Problem Solver. It feels so soothing after an intensive mask and replenishes lost moisture with ease (this is the only time my skin drinks this stuff up) leaving my complexion really calm, no redness in sight.
The ingredients are all natural, with aloe vera, squalene, turmeric extract, jojoba, chamomile, camellia and ginger. CV Skinlabs say this is ideal for skin that has just been treated with a chemical peel, waxed, microdermabrasion and more and I can see why as it's so... neutral and inoffensive for skin, it does it's job and it does it well.

The Calming Moisture is £45 for 60ml, which if you regularly buy high end little 30ml pots of moisturisers you'll know you're getting an amazing deal. You only need a small amount each time as (cliche) a little goes a long way! I honestly am in love with this stuff and I know if you have sensitive, dry, combination or just SKIN you're going to love this too. To make life easier you can pick up a free sachet from Cos Natural and from what I can gather you don't have to be making an order and can just pick it up on its own! try it!

Next on my list is the body lotion and rescue & relief spray which both sound amazing! I've tried a sachet of the body lotion and it's one of the nicest I've ever tried. CV Skinlabs, I am impressed.

16 Oct 2014

Positive Vibes.

I've had this blog post open for days now trying to figure out what I wanted to share. I don't share too much of my personal life on on my blog these days other than the odd picture here and there, I like to remain a mystery (hahaah!) but I really wanted to share something and have a little natter, seeing where my typing takes me.

Since graduating the boy & I have had some really difficult months just waiting and waiting for things to get better (aka jobs) we were adamant we didn't want to end up moving back home so did something completely crazy and moved into a dream apartment in a building that we've been eyeing up for years. The budget was tight, like, really really tight, beans on toast tight but we've been doing okay for several months now, and while the novelty of our cool apartment has worn off (I'm over that big window guys, it's draughty!) we're looking forward to the future.
Things are looking up finally this month and we may even be getting a cat (omsdrshbghwb!!!) and taking a trip to London in the new year! plus it's my birthday on Monday! & I love birthdays. Especially my own ;)
Michael has also started to learn to drive again after having to stop when money got tight & we're so excited to be real grown ups and get a car next year, he's like a giddy school boy already shopping for what car he wants, ha! pass your test first, mate! meanwhile I'm busy shopping for cats.

There's been a lot of negativity and horrible things happening online lately, both in the blogging & youtube world & it made me want to step back a little because daily life was hard enough to deal with! I'm channeling positive vibes though now, the sun is shining and warming up the flat, thank god, and I just ate my fave breakfast/lunch of bananas & almond butter on toast. Today is going to be a good day, I've decided. I'm even making roast chicken for tea.
Speaking of youtube I'm really really trying to pluck up the courage to film a proper first video, though I have no idea what it should be. I want my channel to be about anything and everything, maybe even with the odd vlog but I don't know if M is on board with that, he's not very enthusiastic with photography, let alone video ahahah! I've been telling him for years he should be a gaming youtuber with the amount of time he used to spend on his xbox whilst watching hours of youtube videos, but he always made excuses, pah! He could have been "youtube famous" by now and we could live in a mansion *this is me not holding a grudge* ;D
While I love blogging we all know it's the most fickle, overwhelming place to be. I feel like the worlds smallest fish swimming in the worlds biggest shoal (nice fish analogy, well done self) who can't swim fast enough anymore to keep up. Maybe I need my own advert on television, it would be really boring though. Girl blogs at home in pyjamas, follow along for a few minutes reading entertainment a couple of times a week! Adventure! Excitement! Scrolling! Wow!

P.S. I made these last night and I died and went to heaven in a bowl of hot cookie dough. That could explain my ridiculously good mood today, I suggest you try them and see if your mood improves too.